Clinical Supervision


As well as counselling I offer clinical counselling supervision with an integrative/psychodynamic base.


Supervision sessions:

     • Are tailored to each supervisee’s individual needs regarding core theoretical frameworks.

     • Provide a safe space to explore your clinical/therapeutic work.

     • Are facilitative, interactive and supportive.

     • Provide freedom to explore working creatively.

     •  Encourage time for reflection, gaining of insight and professional development.

     • My work is based upon Brigid Proctor’s Three Function Alliance Model: Formative,

        Normative and Restorative. Regular two way feedback and reviews are encouraged

        and supervisory relationship issues are openly addressed


Please contact me for an initial consultation.



I am registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and I adhere to their code of ethics which can be found on their website